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DDHQ First Annual training Day

Saturday 21st May 2022 marked the first DDHQ Annual Training Day.

Our team of Educators and Support staff were invited to join us for a day of networking, collaboration, and professional development.

As Educators, it is imperative that we are up to date with current trends and research surrounding child development in the early years. Our world is forever changing, and it is important that we are adapting alongside it and that as Educators, we possess the knowledge, skills, and training to support our youngest people to navigate their world and achieve the best possible outcomes.

We understand that access to professional development can be challenging , both from a cost and time management perspective. It is our pleasure to provide this for our team to assist them in their roles, assist in making them feel valued and give them an opportunity to challenge, develop and grow their skills as an Educator.

Our day was split into 3 different sessions and the Team enjoyed training and development across a range of different topics, including Maintaining Educator Wellbeing, Transitions and Routines, and Creating Inviting Play Spaces for Children.

Throughout the day, our Educators were looked after with morning tea and lunch provided, and a little goodie bag to take with them at the end of the day, with a nice new Scarf to keep them warm at work through the cooler months!

As an employer, we understand that without our team, we are nothing. It is part of our company mission to not only provide premium Early Education and care for our Children, but to provide an inclusive, supportive work environment where our Educators feel valued and respected as industry professionals. Days like this, and other in-house incentives, are what we hope will put us on the pathway to being considered an Employer of Choice in the Early Education and Care Industry.

We currently have positions available across a few of our locations. 

Please visit our website for more information.

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