Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre is licensed to cater for up to 90 children per day with four home rooms. The theme that runs throughout the centre’s environment and the grounds are specifically designed to inspire, while providing an ambient and peaceful atmosphere that is gender neutral. Each of the rooms and adjoining amenities is purpose built to cater for specific age groups

The centre itself, our abundant play and softfall areas and the amenities that are provided for our children are second to none! We are sure that you will agree that along with the landscaping and natural environments, there is a massive difference in the feeling of the centre compared with other alternatives. Come on in and play with us! Our environments are set up to provide stimulating and engaging experiences and interactions, integrating a variety of skills and interests into each experience to promote the holistic development of each child at their developmental level. Children are offered a variety of choices that provokes them to engage in activities while encouraging them to explore a wide range of materials. There are many opportunities for children to represent and explore ideas using a multitude of media. Thoughtfully organised learning centres in each room and outside allow children to revisit equipment daily, building upon skills and developing knowledge.


Each learning centre is equipped and designed age appropriately to allow the children to self-select materials to enhance their current interests. Provisions are made for moments of tranquillity and solitude, thought and reflection, collaboration and teamwork, exploration and movement.

Outdoor play allows children to explore their surroundings. At Dinky Di our outdoor environment fosters each child’s abilities and current stage of development while encouraging social skills and peer friendships. The range of outdoor equipment, incorporating permanent structures including a sandpit, freestanding climbing structures, tricycles, and varying construction, creative and cognitive resources, vegetable gardens and “Magical Garden” supports children’s exploration and holistic development.

The Rooms

  • Age : 0 – 1.5 Years
  •  – Age : 1.5 – 2.5 Years
  •  – Age : 2.5 – 3 Years
  • Joeys – Age: 3 – 4.5 Years
  •  – Age : 4.5 – 6 Years


More About Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre

At Dinky Di we have a centre that promotes a non-bias attitude by recognising and respecting the diversity of the community, encouraging open communication and active involvement from the families at our service.

The Centre operates via a Provider Approval and Service Approval which are awarded by the Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate (NSW Regulatory Authority). The centre participates in the assessment and quality rating process under the National Quality Standard. This process is administered by the NSW Regulatory Authority. Our centre implements recommendations from the Sun Safety Council and Promotes Positive Mental Health in Early Childhood.


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