lagoon learning

Lagoon Learning is a unique learning experience at Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre, Terrigal Beach. This incredibly engaging experience was introduced by our Area Manager, Peta Pattenden. Peta recognised that amongst the excitement and fun, Lagoon Learning extends our learning environments for the children and provides many opportunities to engage with our local community.

Lagoon Learning is conducted one day of each week, so all children will be provided the opportunity to participate if they wish. A schedule of proposed days will be displayed on our Notice board. Children will walk in small groups no larger than 10 children with 2 educators to enjoy many new opportunities for exploration and learning.

Some of the activities the children will be engaged in could include:- science experiments, floating and sinking predictability, gathering of natural resources, building and constructing from these resources, working in partnerships with others, drawing with a variety of mediums, games with the educators and peers. The list is endless.

Engaging with nature has many benefits which can include:

  • Improved concentration and focus on learning.
  • More advanced motor development including fitness, coordination and agility.
  • Better overall health and reduction in illness.
  • Enhanced creativity and more imaginative play.
  • An improved affinity to nature and a more positive approach to the environment.
peter rush

On Friday September 25, 2020, Lagoon Learning included an art class from local legend Pete Rush.
Please refer to the link below from ABC News Central Coast. Click Here

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