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For the Educators In any early childhood setting, teamwork and effective communication are essential requirements for positive outcomes across all aspects of the Services’ functioning, for ‘together everyone achieves more”.

Our Centre Director – Jenny Trahar
Personal Philosophy
I believe as an Early Childhood Educator I am responsible for providing infants, toddlers, and young children with a positive learning experience. I strive to model respect, patient and care for children and adults that I encounter. Children have the right to have their needs met and receive the proper education while in the care of their caregivers.

I believe all children are different as individual and they have their unique way to explore the world. They have their own way to solve problems, different interests, and abilities. It is important to build a positive relationship with their parents and educators. This will connect to children’s development, self-esteem, and positive learning.

I will focus on supervising children for safety, caring and loving. It is important to work together with parents, families, and other educators so, children and families feel safe, secure, respected, and supported. I will continue to learn, grow, and share information and experience with other educators which I believe that educators need to evaluate and improve their skills from time to time. Program and environment must focus on the children. My obligation is to individual children’s interests and potentials. I believe that teach children how to regulate their emotions when they are young as it will help them when later in life.

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Our Centre Educators

At Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre we have the knowledge and the depth of experience to ensure your child has the best possible start in life!

We feel that our staff are our the most valuable asset, and that when our staff are happy, the children and their families are happy too. Our early childhood professionals are genuinely dedicated to the development of every child. They bring their own individual skills and experiences to the classroom enhancing their own personal teaching style. Our early learning personnel also work together as a team; respecting, fostering and utilising the expertise of each individual.

At Dinky Di, the staff are trained to reflect on the needs and interests of each child and provide extensions to their knowledge and abilities through discovery, guidance and encouragement.

The staff in children’s rooms work weekly rotating shifts, with regular casual staff employed to cover staff absences, ensuring familiarity and stability for you and your child. Pictures, names and shift times are displayed in each of the rooms to inform families as to daily caregivers. In accordance with regulatory requirements, all staff on the Dinky Di team are approved through a ‘Working With Children Check’.

Our rooms are staffed and identified as follows:-

  • Bilbies room (0 – 2 years): Up to 8 children with 2 Educators
  • Possum room (2 – 3.5 years): Up to 17 children with up to 4 Educators
  • Kangaroo room (3.5 – 6 years): Up to 26 children with 3 Educators

All early childhood personnel at Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre are highly motivated and dedicated to delivering quality care. They are all experienced in the industry and possess varying qualifications which may include:

  • Bachelor of Education (University Degree)
  • Diploma of Teaching (University Degree)
  • Diploma of Child Studies (Through TAFE and various colleges)
  • Child Care Certificate II and III (Through TAFE, various colleges and traineeships)
  • Accredited Child Care Certificates (Through TAFE and various colleges)

In addition, all primary caregivers possess Senior First Aid qualifications, with trainees acquiring them through the course of their training. Additional staff skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Additional Needs
  • Multiculturalism and Accreditation Systems
  • Furthermore at Dinky Di, the centre offers ongoing staff development opportunities to enhance staff expertise and therefore the quality and diversity.
  • Subjects that are covered in the above qualifications will often include:
  • Early Childhood development
  • Child Psychology
  • Technology
  • Literature and expressive language
  • Developing Learning Programs
  • Creative arts
  • Music and Movement
  • Behaviour and guidance
  • Nutrition
  • Daily Care
  • Health Science
  • Communications
  • Family and society
  • Special education
  • Professional development


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