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Media Release:

Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centres takes the safety, security and wellbeing of the children trusted to our care seriously
and are proud of our record in doing so.

We are currently in the process of undertaking an investigation regarding a child who accessed a storeroom which is
normally locked and which is next to the nappy changing area.

The child was one of two children present in the nappy changing area with an educator. The parent of the other
child arrived and during their brief conversation with the educator, the child in question accessed the storage

The child was located, unharmed, less than a few minutes after he had left the educator. However, Dinky Di
Children’s Learning Centres regards this as a serious matter and so, in addition to reporting the matter to the
Department of Education within the required timeframe, we are conducting our own internal investigation.

Steps were immediately taken to address the issues that occurred and prevent them from occurring again, and
we will take any further steps that may be required once the investigation is complete.

Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centres is committed to the care, safety and wellbeing of all children in its care,
and regrets that this isolated incident has occurred.

We have only recently been made aware of the Tik Tok video. Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centres regards it
as a serious matter and an investigation into this matter has also been commenced.

We remain in close contact with our parents who trust us to look after their children and are grateful for the
many messages of support.

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At Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre, we really understand that no one can take your place in giving your own child the very best environment and care. When you can’t be there, you can rest assured that your precious children in our care are our first priority, and we will provide the best care in the world for them to enable them to learn and grow in a secure and loving environment.

In trusting us with your children you are also providing them with a genuine ‘Dinky Di’ opportunity for them to reach their potential as they approach primary education. But it needs to be FUN along the way to give kids the best chance of flourishing.

Men and ladies, grown and sweet, once had tiny little feet…And little people learn so fast, all leave small footprints where they’ve passed. Music gives them time to dance, their hand prints written in the sands. To grow and eat well everyday, children need a place to play. We teach them, watch them, like the sky, their changing colours, Dinky Di. The sunshine falls where sunshine lands, we hold your children in good hands. 

At Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre, we also love to innovate so we never have to follow others!

Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre offers premium quality Child Care at an affordable price, ensuring your child’s educational future. Our learning programs are based upon the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), focusing on the individual child. We also specialise in a unique School Readiness Program to ensure your child has a smooth transition to big school.

The EYLF programs we work with are constantly evolving and changing, ensuring the children at our centres receive the highest quality education. We take a play-based approach to teaching and ‘triple the music’ as we know that research into growth and learning is maximised when the brain is engaged in processing and playing with music and sounds. We firmly believe that children learn most effectively in environments that are nurturing, safe, challenging and fun.

  • Open 6:30 am – 6:30 pm Monday to Friday
  • Care from 0 to 6 years
  • Early Years Learning Framework & School Readiness Programs, focusing on the individual Child
  • Trained and Dedicated Early Childhood Educators
  • Small Learning Groups
  • Age appropriate care in 4 home rooms
  • Safe Play and Learning in a Purpose built Environment
  • Technology, computer systems, and digital cameras to provide valuable feedback to parents and families.
  • Excellent security with CCTV technology and security systems.
  • Only 1 minute from Lake Haven Shopping Centre and local schools.

Dinky Di means GENUINE, and we provide outstanding, genuine care for your children! Come in and feel free to meet our professional staff and we will gladly give you a guided tour of our Centre, anytime.


Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre is licensed to cater for up to 49 children per day with 4 home rooms. The theme that runs throughout the centre’s environment and the grounds is specifically designed to inspire, whilst providing an ambient and peaceful atmosphere that is gender neutral.





Our Educators

For the Educators In any early childhood setting, team work and effective communication are essential requirements for positive outcomes across all aspects of the Services’ functioning, for ‘together everyone achieves more”.




Enrolment Form – Click to download

To avoid disappointment, please call the Centre to confirm vacancies prior to completing the Enrolment Form. The form must be printed out, completed and returned to the centre with original signatures, accompanied by the enrolment fee and your child’s original birth certificate and immunisation records.




We love Dinky Di! My son looks forward to attending each week. The beautiful staff are so friendly and go out of their way to make my shy boy feel special and safe. He settled in very quickly and has made friends with a bunch of great kids. It is a modern….




Location: 50 Gorokan Drive, Lake Haven,
NSW 2263
Telephone: (02) 4392 8855
Email: lakehaven@dinkydikids.com
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday
6.30 am – 6.30 pm

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