Welcome to Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre Terrigal Beach!


Dinky Di Terrigal Beach is conveniently located right next to Terrigal Primary School and in close proximity to Terrigal Lagoon and beach. We are a boutique service offering premium early education and care for up to 29 children per day.

Dinky Di Terrigal Beach delivers an extended hours Preschool program to support the needs of working families, and has a dedicated team of Early Education professionals on site to support your child’s transition to school. 

With close links to our main feeder school, Terrigal Primary, you can be assured that your child will be well prepared for their first day of Primary school after their time at Dinky DI Terrigal Beach. 

In addition to our specialised preschool program, Dinky Di Terrigal Beach delivers Lagoon Learning sessions, a program that is exclusive to us. Please click on the link to learn more about the benefits of Lagoon Learning. Learn more about Lagoon Learning!

Dinky Di Terrigal Beach caters for children aged 2 – 5yrs and is open Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 5:30pm.  We look forward to being part of your child’s early learning journey and welcoming you into the Dinky Di family!

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what to bring

At Dinky Di Terrigal Beach, we are committed to supporting your child’s independence and life skills development. To aid in this, we ask you to pack a lunch box for your child each day, so they can begin to practice independently managing their food. We will provide Morning and afternoon tea, so you are only required to pack an item for lunch.

To ensure your child's rest and relaxation needs are met, could you please  provide a bottom sheet and a top sheet- cot sheet size fits our beds well. If you would like, you can also include a blanket  in the cooler months.

If your child has a special comfort item or dummy, please provide this, labelled. Dummies will be stored in individual dummy pots to maintain health and hygiene requirements.

We enjoy a range of different sensory exploration activities and love to be creative. Sometimes this means we get a little wet or messy! Can you please provide your child with a couple of changes of clothes and underwear, just in case. 

We will provide your child with cool drinks throughout the day, morning and afternoon tea, a hat and sunscreen.


Our Educators are the driving force that enable us to lead the way in the provision of Premium Early Education and Care.

We are lucky to have a team of dedicated Early Education and Care professionals forming the team at Dinky Di Terrigal Beach. Our team are well versed in child development theory and practices,  and keep abreast of current trends within the Early childhood education and care industry. They work together to ensure the facilitation of  exceptional learning programs for the children and families at Terrigal Beach.

The Team at Terrigal consists of an Early childhood Teacher, Diploma,  and Certificate 3 trained Educators, in line with the requirements within the NSW Childrens Services Regulation and Law.

Please contact the centre to schedule  a time for your personalised tour, where you will meet the rest of  our wonderful team.


A Word From Our Centre Director

I believe that all children are unique individuals. Each child with their own aspirations, abilities and sensitivities.

Children learn through play, exploring their environments and engaging and socialising with their peers. It is important as an educator to nurture the needs of each child individually and challenge their skills in order to scaffold their development.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to build relationships with children and their families and encourage them in their own individual journey through their discovery of life.

My goal as an educator is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children feel comfortable to express themselves through exploring, learning and play.

Jessica Pennell

Jess Dinky Di Terrigal
Centre Director Jessica Pennell