We love Dinky Di! My son looks forward to attending each week. The beautiful staff are so friendly and go out of their way to make my shy boy feel special and safe. He settled in very quickly and has made friends with a bunch of great kids. It is a modern facility with lots of different inside and outside activities to suit everyone. I highly recommend this center!

– Melissa Oxenbridge (Hunter)


Where do I start…. My almost four year old attends Dinky Di five days a week. I feel horrible most days having to leave her to go to work especially on the 4/5 days she is in tears. However, the staff always quickly settle her and make me feel ok. My Daughter comes home happy with wonderful stories about activities she has done with both other children and the staff and is always smiling when I pick her up. I love that the vegetables are grown and the children get to pick them for their lunches. Having a balanced diet and knowing where your food comes from is something very important to me and Dinky Di deliver on that. I indicated that my daughter was afraid of the dentist, however needed a visit, what did Dinky Di do? Make a pretend dentist watch videos and tell stories. this made for a much less painful trip to the dentist. They have respect for family activities and culture and incorporate this into daily activities. As a parent you can regularly see what your child is doing through daily updates, Facebook posts and observations emailed to you at least twice a month. I have every confidence that my daughter will be school ready as after just a few weeks in the program she is counting to 50 by herself, saying days of the week, months of the year and spelling her full name. I would recommend Dinky Di for anyone who wants to give their child not only a great preschool education but an affordable one.

– Dana Mahia (Eden)

“We honestly cannot thank or praise Dinky Di Lake Haven enough.
Our 15 month old daughter has been going here since she was 6 months old and it was one of the hardest decision as parents we had to make leaving our child with people we did not know. But the staff there made us feel so comfortable, welcomed and safe that we never second guessed the decision we made putting our girl into the care of the wonderful educators at Dinky Di. All the staff have smiles on their faces whenever I go there and are always filled with information about my daughters day, they help with any questions or last minute supports we may have also.
Over the time our child has attended this learning centre, she has learnt so much her personality shines, her motor skills amaze me, her confidence is incredible. Our daughter is always so happy to be dropped off and left which to us is very important.
As parents all you want for your child is the best and we know we made the best choice/decision with Dinky Di”

– Ashley and Craig (Ezmai)

Well where do I start. My 2 year old granddaughter attends Dinky Di and has been with them for a year now. The staff have gone out of their way for Amelia and beyond as she is a special needs. Amelia has Spina Bifida and still isn’t walking yet or talking but doesn’t get left behind. They staff have had the physio in to work out what’s best for Millie if there was any equipment they need to get for her to make things easier. The staff are caring loving always happy always have time to listen. The centre provides feed-back of everyday your child attends and what their day was like plus photos. You are always welcome to go and have a chat, as a parent and grandparent, you are part of the family.
I recommend Dinky Di. Come along and meet the staff have a look at our centre and become part of the family. It’s the best feeling to know that your child is safe and well looked after.


Due to returning to full time work, I required full time care for my children. I looked at several places around the Central Coast but ended up enrolling at Dinky Di solely based on a friend’s recommendation. This turned out to be a fantastic decision.

When we started, in October 2015, my children were 2yrs old and 7mths old. They have both benefitted from the care and attention they receive at Dinky Di. Both have learnt, developed, and progressed so much.

My third child started when she was only 8wks old. Even though my two oldest had been attending for quite some time at this point, I was still so anxious to leave my little baby. She is now 7mths and loves daycare.

The educators are, quite simply, some of the most amazing people I have had the good fortune to know. They are always kind, caring, insightful, and knowledgeable. I’m always provided with an update for all three kids. Photos are taken of them during activities and throughout the day.

I can’t imagine having my kids in any other daycare. The level of care provided by Dinky Di educators is of the highest standard and is exemplary. I highly recommend the centre to anyone who asks.

-Lauren and Ben Watts

I was a bit nervous about sending my daughter to preschool, I spent weeks researching preschools in the area and found that Dinky Di was everything we were looking for.

My daughter loves going to preschool every week, she is always eager to tell me about her day and how much she loves her teachers.  The staff have always made me feel at ease and have been patient and understanding with my son as he adjusts to preschool life. Sarah and Steph always inform me about his day at pick up.  The teachers also take photos of the children each day for parents to view, I love being able to see the smiles on their faces as they participate in an activity or play (further reassurance that my children enjoy their day).

The meals that the children have at Dinky Di go beyond what my expectations are, they are nutritious and the children are always offered a variety of food each day. I’ve had family members comment on how well the children eat at preschool.  There is also a vegetable garden, I believe taking care of a garden is very valuable and beneficial for children; Helps them to understand their environment and where food comes from.  The facilities at Dinky Di are always clean and the children’s artwork is always on display.  My daughter loves showing me the artworks that she has created and is always proud that it is on display for all to see.  I believe that the greatest asset at Dinky Di is the wonderful teachers! They treat the children as individual people and speak to them with respect and value them.

My daughter loves telling me how wonderful Cassie, Sarah, Steph and Sam are. I have personally found that all the staff are friendly, kind and wonderful.

I would highly recommend Dinky Di to anyone looking for preschool care for their child, we are very happy with our choice to enrol both our children here.


“My son Max has attended the Dinky Di centre for a year now. He was very nervous to start with but the Dinky Di staff assisted by providing a loving, caring and safe environment where he felt secure to be himself.

Lee in the kitchen goes above and beyond to cater for Max’s fussy eating habits and always displays patience when he doesn’t want to try new foods. The staff acknowledge students’ individual learning styles and interests and go out of their way to provide quality learning opportunities for their students. Recently, my son displayed an interest in gardening and growing plants and they organised his own plant that he could water, nurture and watch grow. Max was very excited and couldn’t stop talking about it to all of his friends.

Amanda is always so approachable and is extremely dedicated, loving and caring towards the children. She is understanding to the different emotional and social needs of the students and takes the time to make both my son and his younger two year old brother feel safe, secure and cared for in the centre.

All the staff are so friendly and they manage to ease the pain when leaving loved ones for the day. I couldn’t recommend Dinky Di enough and mothers and carers should feel confident in their decision to enrol their children at the centre. ”


Lauren Peterson

The ladies at Dinky Di Lake Haven are a fun, dynamic and professional team who are dedicated, experienced and passionate educators. They provide a safe and caring environment for my children, and the nutritious gourmet meals that Lee creates every day mean that the kids are also healthy and happy. The centre itself has just been renovated and now looks fresh, open and bright. The inside and outdoor play areas are lots of fun with many activities to choose from. Their school readiness program was a great help for my daughter’s transition to Kindy this year, and by having other age-appropriate programs, my 4 year old and 1 year old can be challenged, but still feel comfortable, with what they are learning and experiencing. Dinky Di Lake Haven is a wonderful, warm and homey place and I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a great child care centre.

-Natasha Ieriko.

I have two sons and they both have attended Dinki Di Children’s Learning Centre at Lakehaven, My youngest since he was 8 months and still attends now at 4 and will until he starts kindergarten. My other son started when he was 2 years and stayed there until he started kindergarten. In this time both my Wife and I have found the staff and the center to be exceptional. They are extremely well looked after from the moment we walk in the door with warm and kind greetings to the moment we walk back in to pick them up. The Staff are always promoting new learning and playing, they also converse with you everyday to ensure you don’t feel left out on your child’s day, which to me is extremely important. My kids have the time of their lives there and I am so glad I can relax and know they are always in good hands.

-Ian Elly

To whom it may concern,

My son has been attending Dinky Di day care for a number of months now. In this time, he has shown vast improvement in several areas of development especially in the area of confidence.

Blake has generally been a shy child from the beginning, despite having many other siblings Blake has never been keen on interacting with other kids.

All of this has changed since spending time in the kangaroo room. The biggest changes are as followed:

  • Willingness and happiness to play with other kids
  • Improved interactions and relationships with siblings
  • Manners
  • Understanding of numbers, letters, and words
  • Self confidence
  • Spark in creativity
  • Improved speech and eloquence
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Finally got on top of potty training

There are countless other positive points about Dinky Di preschool Lake Haven, from the menu to class activities. I would not hesitate and would even encourage other parents to check this school out for themselves.

Lauren Moon (mother of)

-Blake Gough – kangaroo room Mondays.

At the start of 2013, after trying for months to get my daughter April a place in a daycare in Newcastle, preferably around Lambton which is where we live, I rang Lauren, knowing her through family almost begging if they had just one day available. I have never looked back. April now goes two days a week to dinky di Lake Haven and she absolutely loves it! Going to two daycares now, one in Newcastle that offered to have her for the days she is in Lake Haven I had to politely refuse. Lauren and the girls at Lake Haven are simply amazing! If I lived closer I would have her in there everyday. The progress I’ve witnessed in my baby girl since starting there is amazing. Both professionally and personally I cannot fault them. In 2013, april lost her dad and the empathy shown to us during this time was amazing. Their kindness is genuine and so easy to see in how they interact with the children attending. The atmosphere is never anything other than friendly and the girls give you the time to talk about your child.

I can’t express how glad I am April is able to attend this daycare. I’ve never had any issues at all with them and look forward to seeing them every week smile emoticon

-Hannah Ali

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