Welcome to Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre Tumbi Umbi!


Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre  Tumbi Umbi is approved for up to 90 children per day with five age specific learning studios.  The centre is conveniently located near public transport and is set amongst a leafy backdrop in the rural part of Hansens Road. The themes that run throughout the centre’s environment and the grounds are specifically designed to inspire, while providing an ambient and peaceful atmosphere that is inclusive for all. Each of the studios and their adjoining amenities are purpose built to cater for specific age groups. Provisions are made for moments of tranquillity and solitude, thought and reflection, collaboration and teamwork, exploration and movement.

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Our environments at our Tumbi Umbi Centre support the provision of  stimulating, engaging experiences and promote peer interactions. Thoughtfully facilitated  learning spaces in each room and in our outdoor spaces, allow children to revisit equipment daily, building upon skills and further developing knowledge. Our programs work to achieve the outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework and support children to become successful learners.

Dinky Di Tumbi Umbi caters for children 6 weeks to 6 years and is open Monday – Friday from 6:30am – 6:30pm.  We look forward to being part of your child’s early learning journey and welcoming you into the Dinky Di family!

Please contact our Centre Director for more information and to arrange your personalised centre tour.

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what to bring?

What Dinky Di Will Provide At Dinky Di Tumbi Umbi, we provide an all inclusive program. Our onsite cook will prepare nutritious meals each day and your child will be provided with Breakfast (early arrivals), Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Late snack ). In addition, your child will be provided with cool drinks throughout the day.
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To maintain the requirements in our Sun Safety policy, we will provide your child with a hat, that will be washed regularly and remain at the Centre, and sunscreen.

What You Need To Pack 

To ensure your child’s rest and relaxation needs are met, could you please  provide a bottom sheet and a top sheet- cot sheet size fits our beds well. If you would like, you can also include a blanket  in the cooler months.

If your child has a special comfort item or dummy, please provide this, labeled. Dummies will be stored in individual dummy pots to maintain health and hygiene requirements.

We enjoy a range of different sensory exploration activities and love to be creative. Sometimes this means we get a little wet or messy! Can you please provide your child with a couple of changes of clothes and underwear, just in case. 

If you can label everything and supply it in a small bag, your child will have their own locker to keep it in.

OUR team

Our Educators are the driving force that enable us to lead the way in the provision of Premium Early Education and Care.

We are lucky to have a team of dedicated Early Education and Care professionals forming the team at Dinky Di Tumbi Umbi. Our team are well versed in child development theory and practices,  and keep abreast of current trends within the Early Childhood education and care industry. They work together to ensure the facilitation of  exceptional learning programs for the children and families at Dinky Di Tumbi Umbi.

The Team at Tumbi Umbi consists of Early Childhood Teachers, Diploma and Certificate 3 trained Educators, in line with the requirements within the NSW Children’s Services Regulation and Law.

Please contact the centre to schedule  a time for your personalised tour, where you will meet the rest of  our wonderful team.


A Word From Our Centre Director

Current research shows the earliest years of a child’s development is vital in forming their understanding of the world.

Therefore I believe it is our job as educators to guide our youngest community members through their first years, to work collaboratively and explore interests to build on their understanding of the word around us.

After many years of teaching I firmly believe the environment we build for our youngest members is just as important as the moments we spend engaging with them as individuals.

I have a slow learning approach to teaching, where I encourage children and educators to take their time building on their knowledge, exploring ideas and theories over time, allowing for Individuals to cement their understandings before moving on. Sometimes these may take weeks, months or longer.

The natural Environment and our impact on this should be an integral part of our teaching journey. We are educating our future leaders and instilling a respect for the environment, therefore I believe this should be apart of our every day with the children.